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Researched by Ted Hull, presented to TASM leadership on 2/29/08

During the summer of 1964, Preston Kronkosky, then Coordinator of Mathematics at Corpus Christi ISD, felt a need to discuss the problems of mathematics supervision and coordination with his counterparts in other districts in Texas. At that time, there was no existing organizations that could meet his needs. As a result, he decided to ask other supervisors of mathematics to join with him in forming a new organization.

During July 1964, Mr. Kronkosky contacted Dr. Roger Osborn at the University of Texas and asked his permission to call, during the Eleventh Annual Conference for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching (CAMT), a meeting of persons of interested in his project. Osborn consented, and such a meeting was held a 4 p.m. on November 12, 1964. Approximately 35 persons attended this meeting. Encouraged by this display of interest, and at the suggestion of Joseph Lancaster, Mr. Kronkosky appointed a committee of five persons to continue the work of organizing the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics. These persons were:

Mrs. Thelma Hammerling

Then: Supervisor of Secondary Mathematics

Now: Retired

D. Frank Clark

Then: Supervisor of Mathematics and Business Training

Now: Retired

Elgin Schilhab

Then: Coordinator of Secondary Mathematics, Austin ISD

Now: Retired

Joseph Lancaster

Then: Mathematics Consultant for Secondary Schools, Dallas ISD

Now: Retired

Preston Kronkosky

Then: Coordinator of Mathematics, Corpus Christi ISD

Now: Retired

These five people met in Austin on December 19, 1964 to discuss a constitution Mr. Kronkosky had prepared for their consideration. That day was spent discussing the proposed organziation, its purposes, their hopes for it, and the suggested constitution. Numberous changes in the constitution were suggested.

On March 19, 1965, Mr. Kronkosky, Mrs. Hammerling, Mr. Schilhab, and Mr. Clark met in San Antonio to complete the constitution, appoint interim officers, and make plans for future meeting of general membership. PReston Kronkosky was appointed President, Frank Clark as Vice President, Thelma Hammerling as Secretary-Treasurer, and Elgin Schilhab as Honorary Past President. These four persons constituted the first Executive Board. The first official year of organization was June 1, 1965 to May 31, 1966.

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